A Beautiful Head of Hair

Daddy once said a "a women's hair is her beauty".   I suppose that is the reason we spend all kinds of crazy money on keeping our hair as beautiful as it can possibly be.
These days we have so many more options to create a beautiful head of hair regardless if it is home grown or not.  

What I have found interesting is the newest term for the older fashioned word 'wig' as we progress we have termed it 'a protective style'  and rightly so.  For too long women slapped a wig or hair hat upon their heads and never cared for what was underneath.

Did you know some women actually apply conditioner, plastic cap and top it off with their hair style of choice (protective lace front styled hairdo)?  Yes, this is trending now.  Everywhere you can purchase a new hairdo, but do you actually have all the details on creating a beautiful head of hair beneath it all?  Here are my best product recommendations for growing long, thick luxurious hair!

  • If you want to purchase a product that will work and don't mind a strong smell Wild Growth Hair Oil is for you.  I can remember seeing small block ads for this product in the back of magazines growing up, never thought much about it until I ran across their website and it along with testimonials convinced me to try it.  Packed with minerals and vitamins I applied generous amounts frequently, however it does take time to see results.  On average hair grows a quarter inch per month or more which is about of the regrowth noticed when its time for a relaxer touch up.  After a month a half of inch should be noticeable.  If you find that you have a half an inch in one month then you have results.  Hair does also grow in faster in certain months or seasons.  Check this out:  I was bald head two months ago and now my hair is growing 

  • The next on the list is Castor Oil...I just had some around the house when I ran out of the Wild Growth and started to use it just because it was handy and an oil.  Unbelievable...I grew hair around my hairline that just had never ever been there.  So what does this mean?  Wild Growth provided me with great texture and rapid growth but Castor Oil grew in hair where there hadn't ever been any.  This is the same small bottle of Rexall laxative Castor Oil in the blue bottle costs about $2.00.  To say the least I now alternate between the two.  I realize many products on the market advertise Castor oil as an ingredient but...how much is really in the container/batch that you get sold.  One thing for sure when you purchase Castor Oil alone it is stronger and if 100% pure Castor oil then you have full strength which is known to penetrate the epidermis layer of the scalp so it goes deep to stimulate the follicles and the result is hair growing.
  • If you are into mixing your own custom blends then I have a few ingredients to share especially if you find castor oil too heavy mix it with grapeseed oil, it is very rich in Vit E and will dilute the consistency and make it smoother to apply.    Coconut oil as well as palm oil are two other great oils that can impart great manageability and sheen.
  • Kuki and Joboa are also favorites for many to condition the strands with.  Remember you can always add these oils to shampoos and conditioners for deeper conditioning.  Like I said apply your chosen favorite preparation with cling wrap and top it off with your protective style.  While wearing your do, you're conditioning your real do.  
It's nothing like removing your lace front or other protective style to uncover a thick well conditioned mane of hair...making them wonder why you even wear other hair to begin with which is better than the opinion of 'I see why she wears that hair' reaction.  Damaged hair is never a good look and when you cover damaged hair you should be using that time to make repairs an not continue to damage it any further.

Just some helpful hints from a veteran hairstylist of 20 years.

As We Gracefully Age

What does it take to suspend time and create ageless beauty?

There are all sorts of recommendations for curing the after effects of damage in publications on and offline.  The best remedy has always been prevention.  Unfortunately, we as women even men are too caught up with the activities of life to consider that youthfulness is fleeting.

Time isn't on our side when it comes to gravity,  it continuously works and creates havoc on our bodies.  Least we focus our attention on defending its effects daily.  
Exercise is said to be the foundation of youth as we endure to maintain good muscle tone, however how can we tone our skin?  
First thing is to treat your skin well.  Cleansing 2 times daily will remove surface pollution.
Secondly moisturize, using moisturizers traps water in your skin which reduces the appearance of fine lines and brightens your complexion.
Be careful not to pull or tug on your face which stretches the skin.
Thirdly learn about the components of skin to understand how products can effect it's health.

The Skin Structure

There are 3 layers within the structure of our skin, first layer being the epidermis the outer 
layer which provides a barrier and creates our skin tone,
the dermis is underlying beneath the epidermis and contains hair follicles and sweat glands forming a tough connective tissue.  Last but not least the deeper subcutaneous or hyodermis is made of fat and more connective tissue.

Topical creams and preparations usually target the first layer and sits on top such as cosmetics.
For any significant treatment to fully effect changes in firming or reducing lines and wrinkles it must be capable of penetrating into the dermis layer.  To accomplish this the molecular weight has to be tiny enough to absorb that deep.  Unfortunately most brands don't provide the scientific weights of their ingredients so we can only determine the quality by which ingredients provide benefits.

Of course we all are aware that vitamin supplements provide the body with benefits and many are also included in skincare products such as A, and E however C is being promoted to stimulates collagen production which minimizes fine lines, scars and wrinkles which helps to create younger-looking, firmer-feeling skin while uneven skin tone and spots disappear as well as improving hydration  a product with Vit C   

Vit C and E treatment

Vitamin E is also very effective in providing elasticity to create a taut and firm appearance of skin tissues. Sagging skin is a result of lacking elastin a highly elastic protein which allows the skin to resume its shape after being stretched or contracted.  Especially useful after fast weight loss.    Vit C and E together will treat both collagen and elastin deficiencies.

Being aware of how collagen and elastin supports the skin will prepare you for making important skincare purchasing decisions to maintain or correct fine lines, loose skin and over all youthful facial tone.   Treatments with most products take 6 weeks to 3 months to show signs of improvements for be patient.


Create The Person You Want

What do you want your best self to be? 

Create her, by knowing exactly what she feels, how she responds and what makes her content.
Own IT!   The intangibles are the most important aspects of her being. It's being genuine to the very essence and nature of self.  Freeing oneself from what others want of you, want you to act like, and become.  It's your day to live life the way you see it in your eyes.  Know your weaknesses and what improvements will bring them into strengths.  Challenge yourself.  Don't fall short of developing you! No one else can bring about a change but you.  You may allow others to evoke a change from you but you still have the power even if you choose to give it away.    

Creation, creativity..to create from your imagination exactly who you need to be to live that life that brings you the most joy.Whether that means more self reflection, less association with those whom aren't heading in your same direction or just more laughter maybe even tears.
Cut off the distractions that interfere with being your best self.  Only you know who she is and only you can give her room to grow.  Feeling a tremendous sense of  'I AM' in control of my world, my life and my personal happiness.  

It's your soul style!  The fluidity of being in the moment and not giving in to the external influences which seek to manipulate your vibe.  With all the bells and whistles we use to dress up the exterior it is the internal light that brings the glow and posture of self realization and actualization that forms that 'star'.   Some may label it as confidence yet others may call it class.  What it isn't is settling for less of yourself and having lowered expectations for the future.

You must create the person you want to be every day you have the opportunity.