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Turning your me time into fun time
that gives you the sexiness and confidence
of an experienced dancer
in the comfort of your own home!
We provide the lessons you provide the time
~at your leisure~
no more driving to get to the gym or studio
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Aspirations for 2017


Not everyone may want to show this much off to the public...

but everyone should want to feel sexy enough to want to

There is nothing wrong with wanting or having a desirable body.


It has nothing to do with being's about body tone...tight skinned!
To be honest being well defined is the fountain of youth. 
Mid life crisis to me refers to the mid waist increase that sends your mood into crisis from having accumulated from a slow metabolism, inactivity or poor diet.  I personally encourage foods that speed up the metabolism which are more alkaline in nature.  Using Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide focuses on electric alkaline food choices.  For me I have personally lost appox 38 pounds in 8 months effortlessly just eating from the nutritional guide which does take lots of sacrifice.  Now I have a much slimmer body just needing to achieve my youthful tone back.

Sexy is as sexy does...and pole dancing is the sexist trend these days I wouldn't believed it 6 years ago when I was introduced to it in a home party plan demonstration. I am not talking about becoming a strip dancer but exercising with sensual movements that build confidence and shape your body the fun way. 

It looked fun, without getting all sweaty and out of breath yet participate in movements that would produce a dancer's body definition.  Here it is, an online instructional coach who will not only guide you through the movements but provide suggestions for the most affordable pole to be used in your home.
I think you will be impressed, check it out here