High End Costume Jewelry Treasures

This Urban Fox is just one of the many attention grabbers featured in this all new Ready 2 Wear collection by Nubian Jewels.  Having designed many custom pieces once completing Ashworth's Jewelry Design & Repair curriculum and pursuing retail visual jewelry displays, it was time to become a purchasing agent for my own company.

To be unique and sassy, a little daring and yet somewhat classic is the overall style of the shop.  This is just a start with many more items to share.  Although listed as high end these treasures are affordable with flat rate shipping in the US and Canada.

Classically inspired Silhouette body drape with a center of gravity tassel focuses on a more conservative wardrobe or any that you maybe inclined to outfit with this accent.

Not uncommon is the septum piercing trend.  These clever pseudo nosedives will allude that the challenge of being pierced was undertaken.  It will be our little secret that you chickened out and decided to explore Nubian Jewels Ready 2 Wear for other less painful options. 


The Pretty Kitty Kit

 Artistics Natural Bodycare

Standing out from the crowded natural body care aisle was an item that surely needs to be celebrated.  

Developed by Ruby Davidson, licensed esthetician and makeup artist.

The product is called 'Pretty Kitty Kit' a woman's grooming product for her most feminine area.

 More of her collection can be purchase here:


Not For Natural Heads Only!

All this big bouncy natural hair is all the rage these days.  

Those who vowed against the creamy crack are now showing off their free styles.

But Guess What?

It's not for natural girls only...the biggest secret is out!

You can purchase this look exclusively from  Fingercomer

Take a peek into the world of natural hair done for you by you.

For all the creative offerings visit    https://fingercomber.com/gallery/

All Textures Tones and Types

Nubian Jewels independent business owner with CMB
Color Me Beautiful Brands are inclusive to all skin types, textures and tones.  Bringing you an up close look at the individual categories, brands and products.  Nubian Jewels Beauty Mall is the place where you can  download your own up to date catalog with an online shopping portal link. 
Host a virtual 'Girls Night Out' inviting your family members and friends to an online streaming live product demo.  As a hostess you get to receive free products.  For more details and answers to your questions email me:  info@nubianjewels.net

I Don't Throw Shade, I Shed Light

Color Counts when....Its the WRONG shade


Everyone can wear any color it just must be in the correct shade to be flattering  

Most women (& men) in general aren't aware of the shades they look best in.  Women in particular buy clothes and makeup that doesn't become them.  When they don't receive the complements they are seeking with a new purchase and some may even receive criticism the next step is to discard the garment or stop wearing makeup altogether.  Instead I offer a learning process to get familiar with choosing the right colors to suit your skin tone and eye color.  As hair color can also be selected we must know which of those bottled shades will do us the most flattery.
Carole Jackson authored a book back in the 70's called Color Me Beautiful.  It was through her learning experience after having had a personal color analysis that inspired her to write this book.
She wanted others to understand the differences shades make for the individual.
Carole's book became the foundation of systematic color selection with cosmetics prepared to fit  variations in skin tone/eye color/hair color which she co-signed as seasons.  This line of cosmetics became known as Color Me Beautiful.  Along with this system, the Flori Roberts' brand for Women of Color was also categorized as shades to describe an individual as warm or cool.
Warm shades can be both Autumns and Springs  (orange reds) 
Cool shades can be both Summers and Winters (blue reds)
       OK, so what's the differences???
Women of color are predominately Autumns and Winters. 
Here's why.
  • Autumns warmth, are the vivid colors seen during the fall folliage.  Persons that wear these shades well have deep golden tones in their hair coloring and eyes with skin tones from olive to deep tan.  Think mustard, pumpkin, apricot, yellow-green, jade, forest green, coffee, and beige etc 
  • Springs spring to life with bursts of fresh newness of springtime.  Think daffodils, light baby blues, violet, periwinkle, aqua, and some pastels etc.   Persons whom look best in these colors have golden blonde hair and peachy complexions.
  • Summers exhibit a rosey pink skin tone with a cooler ash undertones in their hair like ash brown or blonde and wear powder blues, sky blue, raspberry, rose pinks, and burgundies etc.
  • Winters can wear blue undertones well, having black -brown eyes, blue-black highlights in their hair and a blue undertone to their skin.  Whether their complexion are ivory or deepest chocolate that undertone is visible.  They look great in black and pure white. 
Once you can experiment with color swatches to choose your best palette you can shop with more confidence that your selections will be more enhancing.  Whether you are sporting a new handbag or pair of shoes all things taken into consideration for a flawless well put together look.
Believe me most fashion stylists aren't versed in color analysis...they just have to sell the garment on the model with whatever color is trending that season.  That is why those you see wearing some of the run way items just don't do themselves justice wearing it let alone the body type it was made to flatter.  Image consultants provide more in depth  analysis of not just color, body type as well as personality. 
As a Flori Roberts beauty consultant, studying the Color Me Beautiful system I provide cosmetic consultations via skype and locally in person.  Not only are your colors analyzed you can also make purchases of the shades that will have you looking your most glamours.  Need application instruction for wearing makeup or which skincare products will address your needs?  Don't hesitate to contact me directly @  info@nubianjewels.net